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What do LPs look for in emerging managers?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Our next event in June will be virtual and we'll be speaking to Dougie Sloan, Investment Director at Big Society Capital.

This particular LP looks to invest in VC's that have either a positive impact on society and planet and this also includes investing in founders from underserved communities. They really are the kind of LP we need to see more of to increase our goals of a more equitable society and healthy planet in the future.

Big Society Capital are investors in the following funds:

  • Ananda Impact Ventures

  • Eka Ventures

  • Connect Ventures

  • Ascension through the Fair By Design Fund

  • Bethnal Green Ventures

  • Mustard Seed

  • Nesta Impact Investments

  • LGT Impact Ventures UK

The FutureWorldVC community will have the opportunity to take the mic and ask their questions on what they look for when considering new funds, how they manage their relationships and their expectations.

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