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Leadership in diverse VC land: 18th February 2021 5.30pm UK time

What does leadership in VC look like? Join us & others from the diverse VC community as we learn and share our experiences

We're into the second month of 2021, still a little bit reflective. Never been a better time to step forward and take control of your destiny....yadeyadeyah. Enough already.

Let's get real. We're working our arses off.

A sprinkling of us are getting to Partner

and the amount of investment going into underserved communities is still dismal.

We're getting together from all "ranks" of diverse VC to share experiences, get insight and actually communicate with our peers about our lives at work. We'll also have a leadership coach talk to us about what someone like her does with people like us....

So if you fancy meeting some of your peers (or seeing familiar faces in a pitch free zone), getting to know them in small groups - yep no hiding behind that camera watching email on your phone!

Invite only for experienced VC who are FutureWorldVC members.

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