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Are we doing the right kind of founder due diligence?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

7th March 5.30pm-6.30pm UK time Zoom

FWVC: Are we doing the right founder DD?

Perhaps you saw the recent Sifted article/critique on founder due diligence?

Some funds are creating their own process and others are building on scientific based leadership profiling - are we missing out on great founders who are really different from corporate leaders? What about assessing someone at a very stressful time (fundraising) at a single point in time…surely the skill of a great founder is their ability to adapt quickly??

Are we doing the right kind of founder due diligence?

The world is slowly returning to in person events but before we do that we’re holding a virtual one to get us warmed up on 7th March 5.30pm (UK time).

We held a lively event with Sonia Allinson-Penny who provides HR DD for VC firms on 7th March 5.30pm (UK time). We used the Sifted article to ask some of the questions raised by it and the strengths and weaknesses of HR DD in the context of startups and scale ups.

This was the Google work she referenced on team effectiveness

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Sonia is a senior international Human Resources (HR) professional, with a Masters degree in HR Leadership and a Bachelors degree (Honours) in Business Organisation. She’s held leadership and independent advisory positions within social impact; international life sciences and medical imaging start-ups; plus multiple global blue-chip financial services companies. Sonia has worked in both corporate HQ and local operating entities, across Europe, US and Asia. Experienced in VC scale-up due diligence, cultural transformation, C level strategic workshop facilitation, driving workforce effectiveness and engagement, building business growth and reducing operational costs through shared service efficiencies.

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