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VC101 Raising your own fund with Camilla Dolan, Founding Partner @Eka Ventures

The path to Partner can be lengthy and waiting aeons for your slot might not be your what position do you need to be in financially, experience wise and network wise to raise your own fund?

This is a great follow up to our last virtual event on what LP's look for with emerging managers. Time now to look at the other side of the fence.

Check Warner wrote a great article on the practicalities of raising a first fund, FutureWorldVC is keeping the conversation going with Camilla Dolan, Founding Partner of Eka Ventures. We ask for about her experience in raising, her motivations for starting up and leaving a comfy employed VC life, where she still sees gaps for funds, what LPs expect and what we need to do, how and when. …get your questions ready VC’s.

Invite only for experienced VC FutureWorldVC members.

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