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Supporting the 
future partners in venture capital who want to invest to make a change.

The mindful way.

A network to support NextGen Partner VCs 

83% of UK venture capital organisations have no senior women decision makers on the team. New initiatives to increase Black Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation are yet to bare fruit and a shed load of work is needed on socio economic and education foundations for diverse thoughts at the top table.

Future World VC exists to provide the support and network to get those with 2 years + experience in VC who are ethically minded from all genders, cultures and backgrounds up the ladder to the top!  We are the NextGen Partners. 


We do this through community building activities and education events designed to fill the gaps in our knowledge and our network. 

This next gen are mindful about what we invest in and the impact we have on this world with our decisions to back the best entrepreneurs. Our diversity is our strength. 

Female/Male  Gender Fluid 
Socio-economic breadth 

 Varied education   Neuro diverse

 Entrepreneurs   All ages   LGBT Friendly

We understand the potential impact of VC capital on the future of society.   

Future of work, gig economy, fake news, sustainable food supplies, digital health, accessible education, crypto currencies, robotics, quantum computing. Technology can be harnessed to break down barriers, increase accessibility to fundamental services, to connect us. Technology can also be weaponised to polarise, manipulate and increase inequity. As mindful investors we need to be responsible and accountable. Future World VC exists to support VCs to be the best version of themselves.

The more diverse and influential we are the more representative and ethical the entrepreneurs and the companies that are built in the future. 

We are the Next Gen VCs. 

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We're very grateful for the support from our partners.

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